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Head of EOTAS Lindsey Hull


The education programme for the pupil is overseen by the Education Manager of the Unit. On admission the pupil will be allocated a key teacher who will make contact with parents. The key teacher, along with specialised subject teaching staff, pupils and mainstream school staff will write an Individual Learning Plan. Education al progress is reported at the Care Plan Approach (CPA) review and parents/carers have the opportunities to ask questions. The key teachers and teaching staff are available by phone or e-mail for more regular updates and parents are welcome to make appointments to meet to discuss their child’s progress.

Students without a Statement

All students without a statement of SEN have an Individual Learning Plan or ILP which includes a set of long-term, short-term, social, emotional, academic targets and termly curriculum based targets, related to learning in each subject studied. These are generated from information from home school, medical needs, initial Medical Assessment, initial teacher assessments and discussion with pupil.

Curriculum based targets are reviewed every term (six times a year), short term targets are reviewed with the pupil every two weeks, long term targets with pupils and carers every six weeks at the CPA.

Students with Statements

Each student with a statement of SEN will have an ILP in the same format as the other students. They will have an Individual Education Plan or IEP will be written and reviewed by the mainstream school with input from staff at AUS when appropriate. A copy of the statement and IEP will be obtained from the mainstream school and shared with education and medical staff.


The annual review for a student with a statement will be carried out by the student’s mainstream school.

Moving on Plans

We liaise with learning support teams in colleges and relevant personnel in sixth forms to help pupils transition at post 16. Visits to colleges are arranged plus careers advice given.

Help is also given with UCAS applications and writing personal statements.

Initial SEN Assessment

All students will be assessed ASAP after admittance. This may be in the form of reading, comprehension tests and maths skills test or teacher assessment depending on the mental health of the student. These assessments, along with information from the medical team, is used by education staff to develop personalised learning plans.


We are committed to enable students, where possible, to continue with their education and learning during their health difficulties. All pupils in the AUS are taught in small classes and all programmes of study are personalised. TA’s are used if a pupil needs extra support in a lesson. Additional emotional support is provided by the MDT (multidisciplinary team) in the Unit. All pupils are monitored by on-going assessment regularly to ensure they are demonstrating progress. Progress is measured against their peers in their mainstream schools through a constant dialogue with their teachers. There is access to a SENCO if further testing is required. Education staff are in constant dialogue with medical staff and ILPs are reviewed in line with medical advice.


The education staff support reintegration back to mainstream school when discharge from the unit is imminent. This varies from student to student depending on circumstances around discharge but could involve initial meetings, visits to school, TA support, phased and part-time return. Throughout admission and on discharge all relevant information is passed to the mainstream school.

Exam Access Arrangements

Pupils are entered into public exams by their home school but sit their exams on the unit. The Unit School asks the mainstream school/college to apply for Access Arrangements. We organise for the appropriate medical evidence to be provided for the home school/college.