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Promoting British Values


The government set out their definition of British values in the 2011 Prevent Strategy. These were restated by the British Government in September 2014 after it was reported that some groups were deliberately targeting school governance positions to influence the way in which young people were taught about life in modern Britain. These values are:


The Rule of Law;

Individual Liberty;

Mutual Respect and

Tolerance of those with different beliefs, values and backgrounds.


EOTAS fully supports these values. They are taught through the curriculum and through the way in which we organise, manage and lead the service.



Values : EOTAS aims to be inclusive and responsive to our stakeholder groups and we encourage all to have a voice in our community.

How we support these values
Our syllabi promote opportunities to engage with issues which students feel strongly about and they learn how to express themselves through democratic channels e.g. formal letters to those in authority, speeches and debates. Through literature and other sources the students learn about the context of people’s lives and how their decisions have shaped society
We encourage the creative skills of students through our Arts curricula and promote confidence and learner voice by teaching skills of expression
All students are encouraged to debate topics of interest, express their views and make a meaningful contribution to school matters. Students also have the opportunity to have their voices heard through questionnaires and surveys
We consult with students on matters of policy and practice, for example on behaviour and rewards.  In some Centres this is with student representatives who form a student council
We undertake regular work scrutiny in each year group with a cross section of students and ask them to talk about their learning experiences and help us evaluate our provision
Democracy means believing that you can make a difference and then engaging. We have a strong volunteering and fund raising culture that is often driven by student voice. We have raised money for a number of charities that support citizens in other countries as well as our own
We participate in the local Youth Parliament Elections.

The Rule of Law 

Values: EOTAS aims to promote safety, good behaviour, individual liberty and responsibility through our management and leadership of the centre


How we support these values  

  • We strictly enforce our Attendance Policy that teaches young people about basic rules in society and the workplace.
  • We have a clear Behaviour Policy with choices and consequences that is well communicated and used to reinforce individual responsibility, choice and consequence.
  • Centre rules and expectations are clear, fair and regularly promoted.
  • Students are always helped to reflect on what is right and wrong, in the classroom and outside it.
  • The Behaviour and Anti-Bullying policies set out a zero tolerance for any form of aggression, abuse or violence, which extends to pupils, staff and parents and carers.
  • Staff are skilled at resolving friendship and bullying issues.
  • In sporting activities, such as boxing, we facilitate good understanding of rules of play by explaining concepts of fair play, participation and refereeing.
  • We have active partnerships with the local police force who work in partnership with us on individual matters that concern our community and students.
  • We have a strong safeguarding culture where the law in relation to children’s rights are promoted through the information we provide to students through lessons or other         providers.
  • Students participate in a range of activities covering a broad range of topics, some examples of which include law and justice, the role of the police, legal systems in the UK, law and society, human rights, crime and the individual, crime and the law, gun and knife crime, drug crime and the law and sexual crimes including abuse and the age of consent.

Individual Liberty 

Values : EOTAS aims to promote Individual liberty and responsibility as values that underpin the independence and resilience of young people who successfully return to mainstream education.

How we support these values

Within school, pupils are actively encouraged, and given the freedom to make choices in their learning and development knowing that they are in a safe and supportive     environment.

Our curricula seek responses from learners in studying text and materials of those who have experienced a lack of individual liberty, prejudicial marginalisation or life in           dystopian societies.

Our curricula aim to develop learners’ voice through effective expression and imagination e.g. through speech, creative writing and the ability to express using appropriate   language in all of the transactional genres.

Our Arts curricula promote the skills of self-confidence, self-esteem and creativity amongst our learners in a number of arts subjects and media.

Vulnerable pupils are protected and stereotypes challenged. An anti-bullying culture is embedded in the service and any form of bullying is challenged and addressed.

In Citizenship/PSHE students study rights and responsibilities which include learning in a wide range of topics on human rights crime and the individual and where to go to find help.

Online encounters, staying safe online, cyber bullying and reporting cyber abuse form integral components of our PSHE curricula.

A group of transgender students are currently creating a film to help students and staff understand their views and experiences.

Mutual Respect 

Values: Mutual respect is at the core of how EOTAS succeeds with students in challenging circumstances. At the heart of this is our relationships with students and how we resolve differences. Students build excellent relationships with their teachers and our wider staff team.

How we support these values           

  • Our staff model effective attitudes and behaviours to students which promote and secure mutual respect between different stakeholders.
  • We use positive language and highlight the positive differences which exist.
  • Charity events organised by students and staff throughout the year allow students to learn more about a charity and raise funds for them.
  • Students are helped to acquire an understanding of, and respect for, their own and other cultures and ways of life throughout the RE curricula
  • Our sporting activities ensure the principles of fair play and competitive games which teaches about winning with respect and losing with dignity.
  • PSHE and project work ensure that students participate in a range of activities covering a broad range of topics, some examples of which include respecting equality and          diversity, working together to improve communities and collaborative charity projects.
  • Where appropriate, we create active learning environments where students learn to work cooperatively. This includes ways of working when engaging with difficult topics         in  PSHE, peer to peer learning, think, pair share activities and discussion forums as part of our everyday teaching.
  • Staff and pupils are encouraged and taught to challenge prejudicial or discriminatory behaviour.
  • We use restorative justice in a wide range of situations between students and staff in learning about difference and how to resolve conflict.
  • Our SEN reviews facilitate high levels of involvement from learners to ensure their views as learners are more fully respected.
  • We work tirelessly with parents and carers to foster an environment of mutual respect. We actively support families who may have difficulty engaging with the service                   through our outreach work.



Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs, and backgrounds 

Values: EOTAS is clear about prioritising tolerance and respect for people of all different backgrounds, beliefs and faith. We believe that we can only excel when we have a careful eye on ensuring equal opportunities, ensuring no discrimination against any individual or group, regardless of faith, ethnicity, gender or sexuality. We go further than the formal equalities legislation in making provision to support those who face barriers due to their financial circumstances.

How we support these values         

  • Our curricula focus on a range of literature including works that challenge stereotypes and promote empathy and understanding about the lives of others.
  • We promote sensitive but forthright discussion of issues in the UK that cover topics such as immigration, radicalisation and gay rights.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy of prejudice based bullying.
  • The Designated Safeguarding Lead and Heads of Centre have attended training on the Local Authority’s Prevent Strategy and will take positive action where we have               concern. There is PREVENT training for staff on a rolling basis.
  • The PREVENT elements of intention, capability and engagement form part of the Head of Service’s regular supervision of the DSL’s and DDSL’s caseload.
  • At the hospital, we work with the Chaplaincy as appropriate.

The educate against hate website gives parents, teachers and school leaders advice on protecting children from extremism and radicalisation.


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