reducing barriers to better lives


    1. Across almost all year groups and in a wide range of subjects, including in English and mathematics, current pupils make consistently strong progress, developing secure knowledge and understanding, considering their different starting points.
    2. In a wide range of subjects, the progress of disadvantaged pupils, disabled pupils and those with special educational needs currently on roll is close to or is improving towards that of other pupils with the same starting points.
    3. Pupils read increasingly widely and often, with fluency and comprehension that – thanks to intervention - approaches levels appropriate to or nearing their age
    4. Pupils are well prepared for the next stage of their education, training or employment and have attained relevant qualifications. The proportion of pupils progressing to higher and further education establishments, apprenticeships, employment or training is close to or above average. These pupils do so at a level suitable to meet appropriate career plans.
    5. Pupils’ progress is improving across most subject areas. Overall progress of disadvantaged pupils and those with special educational needs is improving.
    6. From different starting points, the proportions of pupils making and exceeding expected progress in English and in mathematics are close to or above national figures for PRUs/AP.

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