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Our aim at EOTAS is to provide pupils with the individual quality education that helps them progress in a safe and healthy environment

The Fernbrook Centre

Head of EOTAS Lindsey Hull

Centre Manager The Fernbrook Centre / Deputy Head of EOTAS,   - Esther Keller

The SEN Register

All pupils entering the EOTAS Provision are at ‘School Action Plus’ (SA+) stage in accordance with Chapter 5:56 of the SEN Code of Practice (2001).

Pupils without a Statement of SEN

All pupils without a statement of SEN have an ‘Individual Learning Plan’, or ILP, which is a set of SMART targets in a pupil friendly format. The targets are generated from ILP score-sheets where Pupils are assessed against checklists which measure social, emotional, learning conduct & sensory behaviours. ILP targets are also related to learning across all subjects (as these targets represent the most significant barriers to learning) and based on a careful assessment of what the pupils need to learn next. These are to be reviewed with staff & the pupils during Autumn, Spring & Summer terms with targets amended, or replaced, as appropriate. These should be shared with pupils and carers – through weekly reports, education staff and pastoral staff

Pupils with a Statement of SEN

Each pupil with a statement of SEN will have an ‘Individual Education Plan’, or IEP. This is the same format as the ILP described above. The IEP will be reviewed twice yearly, or at the pupil’s interim, or annual review. Targets will be related to the objectives outlined in the pupil’s most recent statement & linked to the ILP score sheets. Staff are engaged in the development of IEPs so that they can successfully inform teaching.

Annual Reviews

Annual reviews for Pupils with Statements of SEN will be carried out within a year of the previous annual review or the issue of the original statement. Annual Reviews will focus sharply on the progress of the pupil and challenge the effectiveness of additional provision. This process must involve the pupil and carer, along with education staff and other agencies. All paperwork will be completed & sent to the SEN assessment team & all involved parties within 10 working days of the annual review. All year 11 Annual reviews to be completed by the end of term 2 in line with the Swindon Transitions Protocol. A representative from the relevant colleges will attend.

Pupils entitled to Pupil Premium

Pupils who are entitled to Pupil Premium currently receive £935 annually. The use of Pupil Premium & its impact on the attainment of pupils eligible is detailed in the Pupil Premium grant expenditure document.

Initial SEN Assessment

All pupils will be assessed as soon as possible after arrival (on their first day at The Fernbrook Centre) by the SENCo. We will use a combination of reading comprehension tests, single word reading tests; spelling tests, LASS visual/spatial memory, auditory sequential memory & reasoning; & Learning styles questionnaires to gain information. The results of these assessments will then be disseminated to all staff, & certain information will be stored on SIMS in order to track progress. These assessments impact on classroom practice, allowing teaching staff to adapt their provision so that it is differentiated to suit pupil’s needs. All pupils will have a completed Common Assessment Framework (CAF) and this document forms part of the initial assessment, and is reviewed and updated as necessary, by the Team Around the Child.


We are committed to enabling pupils to overcome specific barriers to learning & promote improvements for all pupils & groups of pupils. The EOTAS Local Offer is based on the principle of Quality-First Teaching which tackles underachievement and low expectations (which may have been misinterpreted as SEN). All pupils at EOTAS are extremely well supported, especially when compared to peers in Mainstream Education (in terms of class size, adult to pupil ratio; & access to additional support & external agencies) This allows staff to take a highly structured and responsive approach to each child’s learning in order that all are able to progress, achieve and participate. However, even in a classroom where personalised learning is effective, for some pupils this approach will not be sufficient. These pupils will benefit, at key moments, from additional small group or one-to-one interventions to enable them to make the progress needed to achieve their full potential. Intervention is therefore a key component of personalised learning.

Pupils identified through the initial assessments or raised as concerns by staff will receive additional, targeted interventions to address academic or social & emotional difficulties. All interventions are closely monitored so that the impact on pupils’ progress can be easily identified. Information about the range of interventions offered to pupils (including those run by outside providers or agencies) can be found in the EOTAS Provision Map. This additional provision is monitored carefully to ensure it leads to improved outcomes for pupils.

On-going Assessment

All pupils who receive additional intervention are monitored to ensure that they are demonstrating accelerated or sustained progress. Progress is measured against other EOTAS pupils, & like-cohorts, locally & Nationally. Interventions are also analysed against Government & academic research, for example, Sutton Trust - Teaching & Learning Toolkit .

Transition from EOTAS

All pupils in Year 11 & pupils with statements of SEN in Years 10 & 11 will have a Moving on Plan (MOP). This protocol is designed to facilitate post 16 transition for all pupils with statements & at SA+ across the Local Authority. In accordance with this, we will complete the relevant paperwork for all pupils in KS4 to facilitate transition between EOTAS, & college, apprenticeship, or the workplace & send this to the SEN assessment team. We will continue to liaise with the transitions & learning support teams at Swindon College, New College, Farleigh College, Lackham & Cirencester College.

Transition for Pupils with a Statement of SEN for Behaviour

Pupils at Fernbrook who are issued with a Statement of SEN for Behaviour Emotional & Social Difficulties that names St Luke’s school will have a carefully planned programme of transition to ensure that their placement begins as successfully as possible.

Reintegration to Mainstream School

We will fully support the reintegration process by providing relevant information – including results of SEN Assessments - for the Fair Access Panel within agreed deadlines.


If you would like any further information regarding the Local Offer, please contact Lorna Dickson, SENCo