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Horse Power is a life skills and emotional literacy programme, developed at Greatwood for young people with specific educational and learning needs. Students have the opportunity to develop social and communication skills and to increase their self-esteem through interaction with small animals and rescued ex-race horses. As an education centre Greatwood links the programmes to the National Curriculum.

Greatwood is Great because :-

We learn, but our classroom is the open countryside near Marlborough.

Greatwood looks after neglected, abused or vulnerable racehorses

The staff are brilliant – they set up scavenger hunts, plan lessons on looking after animals, and welcome us with tea and toast

We learn how to keep the horses, goats, sheep and chickens healthy and happy – this means we have to get dirty, cleaning out stables and treating scabby feet!

At the end of our course we can achieve a National Qualification which is great for adding to our CV.