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Home Tuition Sector

Who do we teach?

The GWH Centre teachers teach pupils from Early Years to Key Stage 4 (Reception Class to Year 11). Teaching takes place either at home or in the local community e.g. a local library. Pupils are taught 1:1

What do we teach?

The GWH Centre teachers deliver a learning programme which is planned with the pupil’s home school. An initial focus is on engagement. The key academic focus is on English, Maths and Science.  The home school informs the GWH Centre teachers of the appropriate curriculum and provides resources. If this is not possible, teaching is informed by the National Curriculum framework.  The pupils benefit from continuity in learning. If a pupil is unable to participate in a lesson, subject lessons can, and do, resume from where they left off. Subject content is tailored to pupils’ circumstances. Our teaching has to be flexible and adaptable at all times.  For instance, pupils have often missed the opportunity to develop key skills, because ill health has resulted in low attendance at their home school. At other times we teach an accelerated programme of coursework and Controlled assessments, in order to meet exam deadlines.