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Inpatients Teaching Sector

Who do we teach?

The Schoolroom is open to all inpatients on the Children’s’ Unit, from Early Years (Reception Year) Stage to Key Stage 5 (Year 13)

At the start of the each school day, patients’ educational needs are assessed; those who are able are invited to the schoolroom to participate in a morning of learning.

Where appropriate the schoolroom teachers will liaise with the pupil’s school to keep them informed of the pupil's progress.

The schoolroom can accommodate pupils in wheelchairs or in their beds.

If the pupil cannot be moved, the teacher will provide activities to be done on the ward or, where possible, work with the pupil at their bedside.

What do we teach?

A pupil’s home school curriculum is our first choice for teaching and learning. If this is not available (or not suitable), various strategies are used to promote engagement, teaching and learning. The teaching focus is on engagement and core curriculum + art, cooking, DT and community initiatives.

In collaboration with a pupil’s school, we facilitate pupils to sit any external exams, for example, GCSEs.