reducing barriers to better lives

"Because of my help from the centre I can go to the cinema and eat in public and be proud that I am 48 weeks clean from doing any harm to myself" - Student

Key Policies

1. Accessibility 

2. Admissions

3. Anti bullying

5. Charging and remissions

7. Collective Worship

8. Complaints 

9. Data Protection

10. Exclusions

11. Freedom of Information

13. Health and Safety

13a. Health and Safety Roles and Responsibilities

13b. CCTV

15. Instrument of Government

18. Premises Management

18a. Quick Reference Premises Check List

18b Health and Safety Asbestos Management Plan

19. Equality and Diversity

19a. Equality and Diversity Briefing and Checklist

21. Pecuniary Interest

23. Safeguarding - awaiting approval - please contact for further details 

23a Keeping Children Safe in Education  

24.Scheme of Delegation 

25. Behaviour and Personal Development policy - DRAFT - awaiting approval from Management Committee

25a. Positive Handling and Use of Reasonable Force

26. Principles for basis of Behaviour Policy 

28. Sexual and Personal Relationships

29. SEND

30. Acceptable Behaviour Staff 

30a. Disciplinary Policy 

30b. Grievance Policy

30c. Capability Procedure - support staff 

30d. Capability Procedure - Teachers 

31. Teacher Appraisal - awaiting approval from Management Committee

32. Teacher Pay and conditions - awaiting approval from Management Committee 

32a. Teacher Appraisal Booklet - awaiting approval from Management Committee

33. Managing Health and Wellbeing  

34. Anti Fraud 

35.  Attendance - DRAFT policy - awaiting approval from management Committee 

37. Code of conduct  - Management Committee

38. Pay and Performance management - support staff 

39. Whistle Blowing 

40. Drug Education

41. Supporting pupils with Medical Needs

42. Business Continuity Plan (available on request)

43. Financial Procedures ( available on request )

45. Governors Visiting and Monitoring  

47. E-Safety - awaiting approval - please contact for further details 

47a Internet Acceptable Use - Student

47b.Internet Acceptable Use - Staff/volunteers   

47c. Student and Parent Accessible E-safety

48. LAC Policy

49. Children Missing in Education

51. Marking and Assessment

56. Educational Visits 

58. Leave of Absence

61. Teaching and Learning

62. Volunteers in School (currently being updated)

63. Young Carers

64. Exam Contingency Plan

65. Exam Policy

66. Careers Education Information

67. Work Experience

68. Lone Working