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Riverside Maths Curriculum


At Riverside, our small groups are supported by specialist teachers and teaching assistants. Work is tailored to student’s ability with the aim of enabling students to grow in confidence at Maths whilst being encouraged to make the most of their ability. Students are often reminded that mistakes are an essential part of learning Maths, and that making a mistake is nothing to be afraid of.

Students have access to on-line resources and revision guides to practice their Maths skills at home or during catch-up lessons at school. One useful website that Riverside sub-scribe to and students have a user id for is http://www.mathster.com/ . Students can complete exercises on mathster where each question is marked automatically as it is completed and students are given more than one chance to complete the question if they make a mistake.

Students are given a benchmark assessment soon after joining Riverside to help identify strengths and weaknesses. Regular written assessments and short end of topic tests are given throughout the year.

The Curriculum

KS4 Maths

From May/June 2017 students will be taking the new 9 to 1 GCSE exams provided by OCR (J560). This will involve 3 examinations of 1 hour 30 minutes each at either the Foundation or Higher level. There is no coursework. Further detail available from OCR here:


The 2 year scheme of work detailing the sequence of topics followed during year 10 and 11 is one provided by Cambridge University Press:


One highly recommended website is https://corbettmaths.com/ that includes:

  • Practice questions for each topic
  • Short videos explaining each topic
  • Very useful “5-a-day” revision worksheets

Students are often given a “5-a Day” worksheet as Homework or as a lesson starter. Each “5-a-Day” worksheet contains 5 questions on a range of topics that are excellent for revision and helping to remember previous learning. A different worksheet is available for each day of the year for 5 different ability levels covering Grades Entry Level up to grade 9 at GCSE.

Maths KS3

In years 7, 8 and 9 students will prepare for the GCSE course by following a Scheme of Work from the Kangaroo Maths website. http://www.kangaroomaths.com/kenny2.php?page=Kschemeks3 Students in the KS3 class often cover a wide range of abilities but work is set at an appropriate level for each student.

How to do well in Maths

  • Keep your attendance up and catch-up on any missed work
  • Talk about Maths, tell someone at home what you did in Maths today.
  • Use the Mathematical vocabulary and key words.
  • Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, if you make no mistakes the work is probably too easy.
  • Use your revision guide weekly, not just near exams
  • Remember solving Maths problems help strengthen your brain for life just like going to the Gym might strengthen your arms.

Alternative Provision in Maths

Students who might find it difficult to access the GCSE Maths and sit the three 90 minute exams required may also be entered for the OCR Entry Level Mathematics – R448/R449 . This qualification consists of a set of shorter assessments that can be sat at a time to suit the student.


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