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Hospital and Home Education Service


We warmly welcome you to our unique service.  We aim to support all poorly children who need our help in continuing their learning. 

We do this by working together with children, their families, schools, doctors and many others.  Our staff work at a bedside in hospital, in our schoolroom, in homes and sometimes even at school.  We can also provide advice and guidance when asked.

"You are an amazing group of people who help young people through a difficult chapter in their lives" - Parent

The Hospital and Home Education Service supports the education for pupils of school age whose ill health or medical issues, impact on their access to education.

The Hospital and Home Education Service works in partnership with parents, schools and other professions to minimise interruption and disruption to education.

Teaching and learning is aimed at engaging pupils in their own learning and maximising their potential whilst mindful of the impact that ill health may have on their learning and progress. There is a shared responsibility between the home school and the Hospital and Home Education Service. As far as possible, pupils continue with their home school’s curriculum.

Parent/carer involvement is fostered to support learning.

The H&HES can offer advice and guidance in the following circumstances:

Where there are health conditions alongside a pupil’s SEN needs, the H&HES may not be considered a suitable provision.  Pupils with an EHCP are supported by school with additional funding. If the EHCP reflects health difficulties that are impeding the learning of a pupil, it would be expected that further support is planned through an interim review of the EHCP rather than a referral to the H&HES.


What do we do?

We deliver teaching and learning 1:1 or in small groups – on the ward, in our schoolroom, in pupils’ homes or the local community.

We provide a personalised curriculum, tailored for each pupil. The pupil’s curriculum is designed around their individual needs.

We apply appropriate and bespoke monitoring and assessment of pupils’ progress. Monitoring and assessment of pupils’ progress reflect:


  1. Academic progress
  2. Feeling safe and secure
  3. Social and emotional well being
  4. Self-esteem and self-worth
  5. We support a return to school/educational setting as seamlessly and timely as                possible.
  6. We offer advice and guidance to schools, other professionals and parents.


Participation in GCSEs and transition to post-16 opportunities are fully supported.


Who can access teaching from the Service?

  1. Inpatients on the Children’s Unit, GWH
  2. Pupils with severe or chronic forms of illness/ill health which result in significant             periods away from school.
  3. Pupils who experience ill health as a result of specific incidents, leading to                     significant periods away from school

How can pupils access teaching from this Service?


  • Referrals are made by mainstream schools
  • All pupils should have an Early Help Record on entry
  • A Panel meets regularly to consider referral - please see panel referral information on the 'home page'.

Assessment and monitoring of pupil progress

As far as possible, methods of assessment are comparable with mainstream settings. However, due to the variable period of teaching contact and the individual pupil’s medical condition, “incremental” progress can mean “monumental”. Whilst we aspire to academic excellence, in some instances our aim may be to maintain or return to academic levels or even delay decline. Besides empirical evidence we value supporting the narrative that may more accurately reflect the pupil’s learning journey. Pupils’ progress is regularly reviewed and shared with the pupil, parents and home school.


Who can access advice and guidance?

  1. Schools
  2. Parents
  3. Education, health and other professionals


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Hospital and Home Tuition Service, Great Western Hospital, Marlborough Rd, Swindon SN3 6BB, 01793 604982, esther.keller@eotas.swindon.sch.uk 

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