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"What we witnessed was truly incredible.  He became more and more confident, he learned to laugh with his school peers and help others with their school work.  He made friends for the first time in his life and relayed to me his feeling of belonging"

 - Intensive Interventions Coordinator, Swindon Youth Offending Team


EOTAS takes the safeguarding of children very seriously and ensures that Safeguarding is the priority of everyone throughout our centres.  Our focus on safeguarding is evident in the following measures.

1. High-quality leadership and management that makes safeguarding a priority across all aspects of our school’s work

2. Stringent vetting procedures in place for staff and other adults

3. Rigorous safeguarding policies and procedures in place, written in plain English, compliant with statutory requirements and updated regularly; in particular, clear and coherent child protection policies

4. Excellent communication systems with up-to-date information that can be accessed and shared by those who need it

5. A high priority given to training in safeguarding, generally going beyond basic requirements, extending expertise widely and building internal capacity

6. Robust arrangements for site security, understood and applied by staff and pupils

7. A curriculum that is flexible, relevant and engages pupils’ interest; that is used to promote safeguarding, not least through teaching pupils how to stay safe, how to protect themselves from harm and how to take responsibility for their own and others’ safety

8. Reducing anti-social behaviour by the pupils, enabling everyone to feel secure and well-protected

9. Well thought out and workable day-to-day arrangements to protect and promote pupils’ health and safety

10. Rigorous monitoring of absence, with timely and appropriate follow-up, to ensure that pupils attend regularly

11. Risk assessment taken seriously and used to good effect in promoting safety

12. A multi-agency, collaborative approach to Safeguarding Children in Education.

Worried about a Child?

If you have concerns about a child, please contact:
Family Contact Point 01793 466903
Emergency Duty Service​​ (out of hours) 01793 436699
Police Child Abuse Investigation Team​ 101

Worried about something at home or in school?


Want to make a complaint?

Want to give us feedback?

Just need someone to talk to?

We are here to help you - Don't keep it to yourself!

Talk to:

Your tutor-if you don't want to speak in front of the class ask to speak to them alone Your head of centre - who is responsible for all the teaching, learning and behaviour within your centre, Natalie, Menna or Lisa - who are responsible for safeguarding for EOTAS, Any Adult - All adults in the school know what to do if you have a                                                                                                                            problem, question or complaint.

Safeguarding Procedures

The Education Other than At School service is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of young people and expects all staff, governors and volunteers to share this commitment

If you notice anything relating to a child’s safety that you feel is a cause for concern, please ensure you discuss it immediately with the Designated Person for Child Protection

Designated Safeguarding Lead – Natalie Coveney

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead – Chris Mawdsley

Designated Governor for Child Protection – Bob Linnegar

All conversations will be handled discreetly with relevant agencies as necessary. For further information regarding the Safeguarding of Children procedures at EOTAS, please refer to the EOTAS Safeguarding Policy

Designated Safeguarding Lead – Natalie Coveney

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead – Chris Mawdsley

Designated Governor for Child Protection – Bob Linnegar 

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