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Principles for the basis of the school behaviour policy

EOTAS is committed to providing a safe and structured environment in which teachers can teach and pupils can learn.  In order to achieve this, the following expectations apply:
All pupils and staff will be treated with unconditional positive regard;
All pupils show respect towards all staff, visitors and to one another at any of the EOTAS centres.
Parents are expected to encourage their children to show that respect and support the school’s authority to discipline and reward its pupils. 
All members of staff help create a positive and productive ethos at EOTAS sites, in particular:
Heads of Centre help create that culture of respect by supporting their staff’s authority to discipline and reward pupils and ensuring that this happens consistently within and across the centres;
Every teacher and teaching assistant will be trained at managing and improving children’s behaviours for learning and for life;
Every teacher and teaching assistant will be trained to recognise that behaviour is the manifestation of a need and therefore is a socially-askew problem-solving behaviour
It is an expectation for teachers and teaching assistants be trained in “Team-Teach” to use de-escalating techniques.  Only as a final resort will staff use reasonable force to prevent injury or serious damage to property.  Our aim is to keep staff and pupils safe
Lindsey Hull  
Head of Service EOTAS

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