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I wanted to thank you, and everyone at the school room, for helping me- this really would never have happened without you.

As I never do things by half, the university is the Perth, Australia. Attending university in Australia has been my goal for so many years and the hospital school were what has made it possible for me to go.


I am studying a diploma in mass communication which leads on to a Journalism degree.


After I left everyone at School room, I was so unsure about what I wanted to do with my life, but I remembered what you had taught me, about being strong and not taking any rubbish from anyone, and I have muddled through. I haven't got into university with amazing A-levels but I managed to get my AS and have kept a job for almost two years.


I also wanted to tell you that I beat my anxiety, I am back to the person I used to be and it feels amazing.


I really want to make the effort you, and everyone at school room, put into my education count for something.


Thank you for everything



Thank you all very much for your wonderful support. Your teachers (Lisa, Evelyn and Dawn) were all fantastic. They encouraged [pupil] when he was really unwell and as he started to recover. I honestly don’t know how we would have coped without you. It has been lovely to have your regular support which has given him a structure to his week and enabled him to achieve something positive during a very difficult year. It has also meant that I have felt happier going back to work knowing that he has had nice, enriching activities with you two days a week.



Thank you all for your kindness and support. Thanks also for being so responsive to my many texts and emails! [pupil] made little progress to start with, but this was to do with his own situation rather than the teaching from tutors.  From October, [pupil] seemed to have a mind change and started to try to learn, interacting more with the tutor and benefiting more from the sessions.  The tutor made ‘above and beyond’ efforts outside of her usual subject to help [pupil] with his GCSE work which we are hopeful has paid off!!

Many, many thanks for the input from your team.




I have to say you were spot on with Caroline! (home tutor) I could not believe it.....in that short space of time [pupil] wanted to show her new bedroom and play a piece on the piano...totally unheard of for [pupil] since her "breakdown" to take to anyone that quickly....she is so looking forward to seeing her on Thursday that I actually managed to get her out for an hour today to pick a new notepad and pens for "school".  It has made a massive impact on her....I knew it would.  I think she feels like she will be achieving something even though she cannot cope with school she will still be learning something.   I wanted to share that with you.

Mainstream School:

I am delighted to tell you how well [pupil] has done since his time at Riverside. He has caught up, in terms of levels, with where he should have been, and his overall demeanour is calmer and more focused on learning. The episodes of anxiety have not returned and he has been able to fully integrate in all mainstream lessons very quickly. All this has enabled [pupil] and staff to establish more positive relationships, and incidents where he has had to leave classrooms have reduced to almost zero. This is a significant change from the term leading up to his time at Riverside.


His parents are extremely grateful – and so are we.


I joined Riverside after last years leavers assembly, I was in a bad place from not fitting in my old school and being bullied. I was very anxious when I first started, however after a couple of weeks I realized that Riverside was different from other places. It was more like a second home, everyone liked each other and that was something really special, and I personally had never been in an environment like that.

I have suffered with multiple issues all my life and I’ve never known how to deal with them, but riverside taught me how to deal with things in a different way 


I just wanted to let you know that [pupil] had his introduction day yesterday at New College, he really enjoyed it and is excited about starting full time.

We wanted to thank you and everyone at Riverside for all your help and support with [pupil]. We feel you and all the staff went above and beyond with him. When he started with you he had no confidence, was shy and didn't know how to interact very well. Riverside very quickly made him feel safe and really brought him out of himself; We noticed a difference straight away, he was happy and always keen to go to school. Even when unwell, he always wanted to go to school. You all helped him turn his life around and have opened up a whole new world to him. We can't thank you all at Riverside enough. Without your intervention [pupil] would not have reached his full potential.



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