reducing barriers to better lives

Vision and Ethos

EOTAS Swindon is an educational service which has one aim and vision: to enable better choices for better lives.  Young people who are referred to us have experienced health, emotional or behavioural difficulties which have formed a barrier to their academic and personal success.

Our skilled staff work closely with other specialist agencies to provide a package which leads to our “gold” standard for this provision: reintegration into a mainstream setting or transition to a post-16 provision.

The length of placement may vary to achieve this and we work closely with the young person, parents, providers and the local authority to provide a “Stronger Together” framework for success. Below is some of the positive feedback that we receive about the work that we do:

“I didn’t come to school. I couldn’t. But then I didn’t know that school could be like this.” Student

“The best thing? Watching them learn to smile again and seeing their self-belief return” EOTAS Staff

“all staff are committed to supporting the young people who attend with their journey past, present and future” Education Welfare Staff

“What we witnessed was truly incredible in that he became more and more confident, he learnt how to laugh with his school peers and help others with their school work.  He made friends for the first time in his life and relayed to me his feeling of ‘belonging’. ” YOT Staff

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